Image Review $300

This is a great session for anyone simply looking for constructive feedback on a set of images. It's a perfect way to gain more perspective and continue growing as a photographer. After we connect, send 10 images to me in a downloadable format. I will review your images with video feedback as well as a PDF of written feedback along with other recommendations. 

1:1 Session $300

These sessions are wonderful for anyone who really wants to sit and chat and pick my brain. To really sit down and talk with another photographer and have full access to my experience. Use a full hour to ask me anything! Once we are in touch, we will schedule a time for us to talk 1:1 using whatever format is comfortable whether it's FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. I will then follow up our conversation with a PDF of any recommendations from our discussion.


All Inclusive Mentoring $600

This is a mentoring package where we really get to know each other and we both put in the "let's grow" kind of work! If you are feeling really stuck in your photography and/or personal life in connection to your photography, this is a perfect choice for you. After we are in touch and know that we're a good fit, we will start our mentoring with a 1:1 mentoring call (FaceTime, Skype, etc.). From here, I will then do a 10 image review along with a video feedback and PDF feedback of the images and from our 1:1 session. You will take part in a personal branding exercise to help explore what's most important in your business and in your life. We will both choose a growth challenge for you (photography project, personal growth project, etc.). You will work on this project and then we will check in again in 3 weeks on our last 1:1 chat. 


Contact me here so we can get set up to watch you grow! 

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