Booking a photo shoot with me is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship

and a new found journey and experience with how your life will be documented. It’s truly a beautiful journey. Heading to the gallery, you can see more examples of what you can expect from your session. If you’re ready to book,

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The moment when you’re newly engaged and still feel those big butterflies and immense excitement with your wedding day approaching.


On your wedding day, capturing that moment you first see one another. The big feelings that bubble up from your heart, the love and gratitude you have in knowing you get to marry this person.


Or that moment you share with your most important girlfriends. The joy you have knowing they will be standing by your side.


When you and your best half are anxiously awaiting your first baby. Feeling baby kicks and having the surreal and excited moments of realizing that soon, it will no longer be just the two of you.


Or when your life is busy caring for your first baby, having your world revolve around him only to realize that when that second baby comes, your world will change tremendously making this moment of expecting baby number two so quickly a distant and faint memory that is now captured for a lifetime.


When your babies are growing before your eyes and are old enough to safely guide you by the hand yet small enough to still not quite come up to your waist and still actually want to hold your hand.


When the kids are still small enough to fit into your laps and you and your spouse, through the busy days, are so in love and happy to have the little miracles you hold.


A priceless moment between sisters as they play dress up and sing their favorite Disney songs; standing so small and so innocent.


Every single life moment, even in the biggest most monumental times,

are fleeting.         


They're moments we think we’ll hold onto forever, and that we will remember every last detail. And then the years pass for us to sadly realize that we don’t remember.

We can’t quite remember how small their hands were or how they could have possibly fit in our lap, or what it was really like when it was just the two of you, or the skirt your baby has grown out of was actually too big for her once.

I do this to ensure that these moments are captured for a lifetime so you can never forget.

Throughout any wedding day or portrait session, I shoot with a lifestyle approach. Before your photo shoot, I get to know you and your relationship with your fiancé or your family. This helps me know how to approach your session to capture your authentic connections. During our time together, I gently guide you into situations that create real, genuine moments; the little moments that comprise the bigger ones whilst talking with you about every day stuff, getting to know you and keeping you feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire day or session. 

When we’re done with our day, I continue to stay in touch with sneak peeks, your final gallery, and prints and products delivery. Once we’re done, it’s very likely we’ll be friends and be seeing each other again.

Hiring me will definitely not be hiring someone for your wedding day or family pictures, only to see me that day and never hear of me again. We will get to know each other, I’ll capture you honestly, making your love and life nearly tangible.