Create Your Best Life 

We all deserve to live a life we crave. We deserve to feel fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful throughout a day. Taking this course will be the beginning for you to make a huge shift and decision to live your life differently. Let go of the overwhelm, the anxiety, stress and exhaustion. Listen to what you crave in life and make it happen.

Follow your gut and apply here.

Course Material for CYBL 2.0

  • Week 1: Reconnect with you - as women, we often lose sight of who we are in our effort to take care of everyone else. We learn to “numb out” and become completely disconnected on all levels. This week is a complete focus on reconnecting back to who you are and remembering what brings you joy.

  • Week 2: Identifying and reframing limiting beliefs - all humans have a story that replays over and over in their head. The words that hold us back from becoming even bigger and stepping either farther into who we are meant to be. Being able to accurately find these stories and then reframe them is the first step to BIG change.

  • Week 3: Core Desired Feelings - Next, we figure out what it is that we really want in life. You might be surprised. Knowing what these core desired feelings are will be the next step into creating the life you truly crave.

  • Week 4: Break week. Coaching calls. Time to check in, see where we’re falling behind, getting stuck and having ah-ha moments

  • Week 5: Energetic Time Management - This is the magic of finding more time in your schedule and designing your day for exactly how you want to FEEL.

  • Week 6: Woo-Woo Week (chakras, EFT, oils). Wrap up coaching calls to create a maintenance plan and discuss next steps for continued success.

  • One 30 minute of 1:1 zoom call with me in week 4 to talk about how you’re doing in the program; where you’re stuck and where you’re finding success

  • One 15 minute zoom call in week 6 to discuss your maintenance plan and next steps.

  • Weekly group calls on zoom. This is a time for us to mastermind together and go over any questions anyone has.


• Unlimited Voxer support in the first month of sign up.

• Contact me with any questions or anything that comes up in your first month

Same Boat Huddle {Mastermind Group}

• Similar to the free group, but includes only women who have gone through the course


• Free access to any new course material I add to CYBL Course

• Free live workshops, Q&A’s, etc.

• Ability to sign up for any other support services at any time.

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I can’t wait to connect with you and hear the fire in your heart, ready to make a change in your life!