You feel too much. You’re too sensitive. Stop worrying. You’re being dramatic.

Are these statements familiar to you? They certainly are to me. In early 2016 I found myself sitting in an urgent care waiting room only to realize I had experienced my first panic attack. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I felt trapped in my own body by this new found anxiety it was giving me and I was desperate to understand it, not numb it or cover up the symptoms. My journey is long and complicated, but one of the most important and pivotal parts of my journey was receiving the assessment and healing through Chakredy. I felt “home” and knew it was something I’d have to become certified in.

Chakredy is a beautiful framework of energetic assessment and healing developed by the amazing Alexis Soloutos. She has now offered to certify others in this incredible work and I’m honored to be one of the women who has this opportunity.

At the current time of late 2018, I am certified in Level 1 and will be certified in Level 2 by early 2019. Through certification, I am excited to start practicing this amazing work with others. Prices and packages will change as I become certified in more levels and are customized to each individual and their needs.

Please complete this application and we will individualize what is best for you!

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