The Young Family: Michener Museum

I'm at a loss of words of what to write about this family. So many different words could describe them: stunning, fun, gorgeous, tight knit, breathtaking... take your pick. As soon as they got out of the car, I was tickled happy by their outfits. The coordination was perfect. Great job Jessica! Jessica chose this spot for our first pictures. She loved the arch... turns out, so do I!

The first thing I really noticed about this family (aside from their awesome outfits) were their eyes. I mean, seriously? All five of them have killer eyes. Caiden has some pretty sweet glasses, doesn't he?!

Avery was a little camera shy, but I love how her pictures turned out with her looking away from the camera. She's just beautiful.

We were able to add Logan to the mix for a quick picture of the three of them. This is definitely one of my favorite images from their shoot!


After getting some successful group shots, the kiddos clearly needed a break... and a well deserved one at that! So, I took some shots of mom and dad. How cute are they three kids later??

No family shoot is complete without a silly pose...

... or some separates of mom and dad with their kids.

Avery kissing her daddy really tugs on my heart strings!

Logan was pretty indifferent about getting some close ups. When we were wrapping up our shoot, he snuggled up to his dad. I'm so glad I caught this moment!

I've quickly learned that the best way to get kids to sit still for pictures is to offer either 1) Dum Dums or 2) allow them to make silly faces. These two were beyond thrilled to do silly faces!

I caught Logan smiling!!

A few more of mom and dad... why not?! While we were walking around, Brian shared that he and Jessica dated for a bit in High School and college before going their separate ways. Several years later, they reconnected. Fast forward, here they are married with three kids! The best part of the story, though, is that they knew each other as little kids and never realized it! Jessica is long time friends with Brian's cousin; they even went to birthday parties together. I just love stories like this.

Brian, Jessica, Caiden, Avery and Logan.... it was a pleasure!!