The Wentz Family: A mini shoot in Shartlesville, PA

Several months ago, we booked a group camping trip for the Halloween weekend at a local campground. When Heather was toying around with the idea of having me do a few family pictures for them, I suggested we could do a quick shoot during our camping weekend. After some thought, she took me up on my offer. Not long after deciding to do pictures, I got a picture text with the possible outfit selection for the family. You see, though Heather is a {phenomenol!!} teacher, she is a secret fashionista, so this text did not surprise me in the least. It also didn't surprise me that she selected a very nice coordination of outfits for her family. The days leading to our trip, she continued to perfect the outfits.

Heather, Steve and kids were only miles from the campground, that is about an hour from their home, when they realized they forgot their outfits!! Steve, being the amazing husband he is, got back in the car and headed home to get their outfits. (No pressure, right?)

I'm so glad everything worked out. It was a quick shoot on a very hot autumn morning, but these are some of my favorite family pictures I've taken. It helps that they're all incredibly good looking!!