The Benner Family: At home

In the late Spring, I met the Benner boys and their mom, Kathleen, at their home to do some photos to document Carson turning a year old. Kathleen was happy to offer her adorable kiddos to help build my portfolio. I was so excited to go back and take more family photos for them! The boys are always a riot to watch. They're very typical brothers. They laugh, they cry, they fight, they fall down, they're silly... I just love watching them. It's also so nice to see how strong Eric and Kathleen's relationship continues to be through having four kids. I just adore this family; the pieces and the whole!

We started our shoot with family photos followed by separates, then some of just Kathleen and Eric, and then it quickly dwindled into me just following them around and capturing their everyday fun.

I could go on and on about this family, but I think all of the pictures speak for themselves!

It's always a pleasure Benner's!! xo