Remember When...: 21/365

This Corvette will always, always be my Uncle Stu. I've never seen it outside of this garage without flat tires, but that is why it will always be my Uncle Stu. We all gathered in his home today to celebrate his life after his funeral Mass. I saw many of the men gathered around this car reminiscing. The stories of Stu taking any of them for a joy ride and how they prayed to make it home (ha!). I don't know what will ever happen to this Corvette, but it will always be Stu's and a piece of him will always be apart of it. It was nice to walk around his home having flashbacks to our Christmases spent there playing pool and sneaking peaks at the Corvette.

He will always live on through all of us. His 3 brothers, his children, his grandsons and all of the many family and friends who loved him. Rest in Peace, Stuey.