Project 52: 4/52

I wanted this week to be the frozen bubble picture... but it didn't happen... again. The Polar Vortex (Part II) is still here and Sunday is supposed to get much colder, so I'm crossing my fingers that I can capture those bubbles, or ice or snow. Something Polar Vortexy. Since my grand plans failed today and I needed a picture by tomorrow, I decided plan B would be artificial light. I hate shooting in anything that's not sunlight. Hate it. Mostly because I'm scared of it. I had some fun ideas of getting out in the dark, snowy lawn, but staying inside seemed so much warmer. I chose to also tackle the self-portrait. Being behind a camera all the time, it's not often I'm in front of it. In my Project 365, I'd occasionally do "Me Monday" so I need to be sure to sneak a self portrait in here every now and then.

In addition to the artificial light and self-portrait, I played with some editing. Talk about shooting outside the box. So uncomfortable! After going back and forth from the tripod several dozen times, I stuck with this one. Focus is off, but goal is accomplished.

Goal: Artificial light, self-portrait, editing. Settings: 35mm, ISO 1600, f/2.5, 1/30