Project 52 {2016}

This picture above is the first picture of me with my little lady in a long time. I don't even know the last picture I took of me with my little guy. That's sad. Sure, I turn my camera around on my phone and take selfies here and there, but I've completely lost my energy and motivation to document ME with my children. I adore and I am so proud that I'm able to document my family's life. I've been printing albums and capturing things from our big trips to our day to day. I love this. I cherish this. But I'm missing.

I want my kids to see me with them. Messy hair, showered, no make up, dolled up, extra weight, at my fittest... whatever I am, I want my kids to see me with them. I want them to see that my heart explodes no matter what I'm doing with them. I want them to see how they make me laugh. I want them to see how crazy chaotic it is to get them down for a nap or to feed them lunch. I want them to see that I take the time to fill up a baby pool and splash around with them. I want them to see me lying on the sidewalk making the finest chalk drawing they've ever seen. I want to be IN their story, not just capturing it.

So, this year's personal photography goal (among a lot of others!) will be a Project 52, likely, one of the most challenging but likely one of the most rewarding. I'm looking forward to tackling this and can't wait to share what I capture. I plan to post every Sunday. Let's see if I can stick to that ;) Be sure to click that little "follow" button below. You'll get automatic e-mails when I post! Thanks for the love <3

Happy New Year!