A Loud Day: 19/365

It was one of those days where there didn't seem to be one single moment of peace... well except for the moment you see below which lasted all of the second it took to take this shot. You know those days? Where your kids have zero volume control, clearly were fed some type of drug when you weren't looking, and were simply bouncing off the walls. Meanwhile my puppy was literally up my ass the whole day. God love him, he's adorable and I wouldn't trade it, but ... up my ass. all day. With each passing moment I thought, "I'm not gonna make it! I'm just not." My go to is breathing. Deep, deep breaths into my belly. Today was not a day that I felt grounded and in control of my energy, but sometimes we have those days. They just happen.

So, here's to a glass of wine and a really quiet living room as I type this. On to editing and classwork. Cheers!