Happiness: 22/365

My lifelong friend and I had always hoped to be pregnant together, but I had my second baby about 2 months before her wedding. She then had her little boy a bit over a year from her wedding day. I suppose being pregnant together isn't totally out of the realm, but let's not get off track here ;). When she announced she was pregnant, I gifted her a full year of sessions to document her pregnancy, newborn, 6 month and 12 month sessions. How is it even possible that I just did this little boy's 12 month session??

I felt such joy being with them during this session. This sweet baby is just an angel. I squeal every time I"m near him, I just love him!

This past year has been hard for me, as I've shared. I know a lot of women "suck" at being a friend in their 30's as they raise kids, work and try and survive, but I'm pretty sure I especially suck. I have not spent nearly enough time with this boy and his mama.

Regardless, I'm so fulfilled and happy to see her beautiful life and even more moved to be able to document this year for them.

Shan, I love you. I'm so blessed that you've been in my life longer than you haven't. Seeing you live this life with your two greatest loves makes me so very happy. <3