Bucks County Wedding Photographer: Stephanie + Frank {Married!}

Stephanie and I go way back... further than high school... middle school! Thanks to social media (honestly, it's not all bad!) we've been able to stay in touch through the years. A few months ago she reached out to me asking if I could photograph her wedding. She explained that it would be a small affair on her family farm with a few guests. It sounded amazing and I hoped that I had the date open. So, naturally, I asked, "When is your wedding." Her response was, "When are you free?" I think I easily had a 7 second delay to process what she just said. The rest is history. I gave her dates that I was free and that was it. Stephanie and Frank met and fell madly in love. They fit together as if they were always meant to find each other. A few days before the wedding, I drove around the property with Stephanie. She shared the story of how they met, how Frank has now become a die hard farmer, and how they've built this new amazing life together with his incredible foundation. To symbolize this, they had a tree planting ceremony during their ceremony. This was in place of a unity candle. Essentially, it's the idea that love needs to have strong roots into the earth to grow strong, just like a tree. It was perfect.

Their wedding day was gorgeous, but really overcast. This is actually awesome for a photographer because then we're not slaves to the sun. We just get dreamy light wherever we go. However, we were sorely disappointed that we wouldn't get a sunset. I had another session lined up right after their wedding (Stephanie and her family were incredibly generous in allowing me to use their property for a family session!). I told Frank and Stephanie I'd grab them from their dinner to do a sunset picture if there happened to be one, but fully expected nothing.

As the sun set, I couldn't believe my eyes. The sunset couldn't have been more gorgeous in my dreams. It was remarkable. What a way to wrap up this wedding!

Many, many happy years to you, Stephanie and Frank!! I hope to see you in front of my lens again very soon!

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