Barre3 Allentown - Coming Soon!

Barre3 Allentown is coming soon! Barre3.... what the heck is it?! The easiest way to explain it is that it's a mixture of ballet, pilates and yoga. Or easier said, it's a trifecta of awesome. I have been an athlete my whole life. I swam competitively for about 10 years, played lacrosse, ran and continued to do every type of workout from college until now (I graduated college 10 years ago... can you believe that?! I can't). Some favorite workouts have been Pilates, especially when pregnant, Jillian Michaels DVDs because she gives results, my beloved elliptical and Zumba. Gotta love Zumba. I've done pretty much all the trends.

When I had John Paul, my back/hips got super out of whack and I had weeks of recovery through physical therapy and my amazing chiropractor, Dr. Genevieve Mercier of Premiere Chiropractic (seriously, she's amazing). Once I was feeling better, I was incredibly anxious to try Barre3. After one class, I was hooked. Why? It makes you feel strong. Not just physically, but emotionally... soulfully even. There's definitely a grounding, meditative quality to this workout. And beyond that, the group of women who do this workout are just the best. It's such a joy to be around them, to laugh with them, work hard with them, become stronger... I could go on and on. Just amazing!

Something else I love about this workout is how incredibly low impact it is. You have to see it and do it to believe it. And even better, Barre3 has this genuine belief that you have to follow your body's own truth. So, you never want to look at your neighbor and compare or "one up" them. You have to do what's comfortable for you. To do this, there are so many modifications for everything; knee pain, back pain, pregnancy, post pregnancy... everything.

My friend, Brittany is the new owner of the Barre3 Allentown franchise located in the 3900 Hamilton shops. If you haven't met her yet, you will and you'll love her. She's a ray of sunshine and a super talented and motivating instructor. I'm so thrilled for her to take this journey and reach this goal.

She'll be sharing super exciting details about the studio open VERY soon. This week in fact. And it's Wednesday, so do the math! In the meantime, here is an article recently shared by LVB. I'll be sharing any and all Barre3 public information on my Facebook page, so be sure to stay active on my page to see my posts! Also, be sure to follow Barre3 Allentown on Facebook and Instagram @barre3allentown.

I snuck into the studio the other day to see Brittany and her precious family as they were adding the finishing touches. Congratulations, Brittany!!