Colin Turns 1!: A birthday party at home

Heather and I met in elementary school and were close friends through middle school. Life took us in different directions, but we've remained in touch throughout the years. Now that we're 30, it's pretty incredible to me to be able to experience the milestones that come with the longevity of the relationship. One of those is celebrating her son's first birthday. I was honored that she asked me to come celebrate with her family and help document his day. Let me tell you, this little boy is so loved. He has his parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, second generation friends, and the list goes on. What a special little boy he is!

Meet Colin. He is officially a 1 year old little boy! Time flies.

Tell me he's not one of the cutest 1 year olds you've ever laid your eyes on :)

Before we get to the hysterical cake "smashing", take a look at all the people who adore Colin, starting with his grandparents and parents.

See what I mean? Lots of love!

Okay, onto the cake "smash". I put that in quotes because there was no smashing, no matter how hard we tried. And believe me, there was  a lot of effort put into a hopeful smashing.

First, I just love this shot. No pressure, right? (ha!)


He seems pretty unsure, but curious. So, we all expected a nice hand slam into the cake.

Nothing was happening, so Mama gave him a little taste of icing to see if it helped encourage some smashing.

It looks like it may have worked!

Nope. No it didn't. He wants his Mama.

I think he's saying, "Miss Erin, it's not gonna happen. Just put the camera away."

Maybe he's out of his element. Let's get his high chair! ..... Ohmygosh, I think that was it! He's gonna do it!

Nope. Maybe some icing from Dad will do it...

Nope. Okay, we're done. It was worth a try.

After bringing everything in, I caught Heather giving him some on a spoon.... good idea! Maybe he just doesn't want cake on his hands.

Yeah! That was it! Here we go... he's definitely gonna dive in now!


Nope. Never mind.

Oh well. It was worth a shot.

I'm telling you, that will go down in history as the longest, most hopeful cake smashing. We all thought he'd do it at any moment. I took SO many pictures hoping not to miss it, but he just wasn't interested! Oh well. He was still adorable in his delicate cake tasting!

Check out a couple of the details and a few candids.

Brian and Heather, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to celebrate with you and document Colin's big day! You're a beautiful family with one adorable little boy.

We hope to see you again soon! Until then, enjoy having a toddler!! (ohmy!)

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