Bethlehem Greek Baptism: God Bless, Christos!

Oh, Greek Baptisms! You had me at hello. I did my first and only other Greek Baptism a little over a year ago for sweet Varvara. It was amazing and I was so honored when Varvara's Godparents asked me to document their sweet little guy's baptism also. I'm telling you, these things make me cry even more than weddings. Yes, photographers cry behind the camera. Not even gonna lie a little bit. With Greek Baptisms, the parents sit with the guests. And because of all that is entailed with the baptism, it's more than likely your baby will be crying. And you, as the mama or papa, can't get up and hold your baby as they're crying. And on top of it, the ceremony is so incredibly beautiful, traditional and moving. So, yup, I cry.

This little child. Oh my heart, my aching heart. Is he one of the most beautiful little boys you've ever seen. His eyes! Ohmygoodness I could just eat him. Such a sweet little boy.

To read all of the details of a Greek Baptism, be sure to click on Varvara's link. It's all really amazing. Everything is done three times. The attention to detail is breathtaking. There's oil, dunking, crying, prayers and then... dancing. The Greeks really know how to throw an awesome party.

Stephany and Mike, thanks a MILLION for having me to be apart of such an amazing day for your gorgeous little boy. You are so blessed!

This Bethlehem Greek Baptism took place at St. Nick's Greek Orthodox Church. The reception was held at the Holiday Inn in Breinigsville. If you are having a special event you'd like covered by Erin, be sure to contact her at or here. Can't wait to hear from you!