Lehigh Valley Boudoir Photographer: Just {Marcelle}

This session was a long time coming and it is out.of.this.world. Marcelle had been wanting to do a boudoir session for some time which we had been putting off for one reason or another. She contacted me in October telling me she was ready to go; and what better time being that her 40th birthday was around the corner. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this mama is 40 years young and more beautiful than ever!

Marcelle is a person I simply love to be around. She's just one of those people with an incredibly kind and generous soul. She makes me feel at ease and I always leave our sessions feeling happy and refreshed. Capturing her beauty was remarkable and something I'm so grateful I was able to do.

Doing this session really got me thinking... I feel like we women need to treat ourselves to a session like this at least once in our lives. As we get older and obtain more responsibilities, I feel like we lose sight of ourselves as individuals. We are wives, friends, mothers, etc. and so often forget to love ourselves and take care of ourselves. I think a photo shoot like this (and not necessarily boudoir!) is so cathartic and refreshing. Keep your eyes out for an idea I have coming up for "just us". ;)

Marcelle, you're a beauty through to your very core. Thank you for having me photograph your life. You are a sweet, sweet light in my life. XO

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