Time With My Boy: 10/365

With his big sister in school on Tuesday mornings, we get time to ourselves. So often I'm unable to truly spend time with him because I have to do work; whether it's desk work or to run to a session, I miss my time with my boy. This morning, we got to be a little slower... so he made me some yummy eats in the kitchen. My boy with lots of energy and sillies with the biggest heart. Getting quiet one on one time with him is priceless. It puts so much into perspective for me. How fast the years are. His sweet little voice will be no more in the blink of an eye. His need to come snuggle into my lap every few minutes will slowly turn into never. In no time, he'll be too big to stand at that table. I must savior these moments and be present. Mindfulness has been so amazing helpful through this anxiety journey. Thank you sweet boy, for being my guide.