Sunny Days & First Day of School: Week 17 + 18

April 24, 2016 We've been so fortunate to have so many sunny days lately. Spring has finally arrived! Daddy has been working hard at getting our backyard ready for a fence. We've moved a big shed, cut a tree down and flattened the yard. So, it's been a bit dirty back there, but we've been spending a ton of time on the swing set and walking up and down the sidewalks of the neighborhood. I'm just loving these sunny days with you!


May 1, 2016

Today was a sad day for me. The rain certainly didn't help. After getting you both to sleep, it was time for me to pack your lunches for your very first day of preschool together. Becky has been such a huge help around here on Mondays, but had to move on to her big girl job now that she's graduating. We decided that sending you two off to a fun place to meet new friends would be perfect. I'd have a full day to get work done and you'd both learn to be away from Mommy and do new things. Not being with you for a day breaks my heart though. I just love you both so much!