Sibling Love: 20/365

Today is a big day for our nation. My energy is a bit unkempt at the moment, so in order to try and work on my own grounding, I have chosen not to subject myself to any media regarding what is going on. Yet, somehow, it's still come into my field. My kids must be feeling it too because they are rammy monsters again today. Cute as can be, yet just rammy! A card pull today recommended spending time with children or nature today to get into balance. So, I took the kids outside. Throughout the whole morning we got some adorable images, ones I'll savor forever. But this one... something about this one really keeps me looking at it. These two have become such sweet friends who love each other so deeply. You never know how sibling relationship will evolve, and obviously it is my hope that they'll continue to love and respect one another (in the middle of their very normal sibling fights), but if only for this moment, they are true friends.

So, in the midst of a lot of hate today, I'm holding onto this sweet love.