Be Who You Want to Be: 9/365

These kids had me laughing and loving on them all day with their cuteness. My little guy insisting to walk around with his pants around his ankles half of the day, the bubble bath sillies, their little voices coming up with mature adult sentences.... it keeps me so grounded to be with them and watch them grow. Seeing that my girl was hanging on the couch with her sparkly Elsa shoes had my smiling. You see, we didn't leave the house today. It's just far too cold, but she insisted to put on her shoes and relax in them.

I just adore how adamant they are to be who they are. It's such an amazing quality that is lost as we get older. They wear what they want to wear, how they want to wear it and share their vulnerable, real feelings no matter what anyone thinks. What an awesome little life lesson for their grown up mommy.

Thank you, babies. <3