Find Me in the Sunset: 6/52

This week I'm cheating a little. To be totally honest, I completely spaced on picking up the camera so I could get in the frame. (side note: I was painfully reminded why I'm doing this project. Hannah, you were sitting on my lap as I was at my computer and we happened to be going through pictures. You kept asking where I was. My answer, "Behind the camera, honey." or "I'm not in the picture.") The reason I decided to use this picture is because I had a bit of an epiphany when I took it. It may be morbid to think this, but I feel like so many people know how they'll "show up" to their loved ones after they pass away. Through rainbows, a certain kind of bird, ladybugs, a certain smell etc. You all know what I'm talking about! I've always wondered what my next life calling would be. ... not to an extent of weird, it's just crossed my mind from time to time. ;)

Sunsets. I live for them. I actually miss my 1 hour commute from work just so I could see the entire sunset everyday. They amaze me more and more. Whether they're full of color or quiet, they're just so peaceful and reassuring. Lately, the sunsets have been incredibly colorful and vibrant. They make you stop what you're doing. Hannah, we've been enjoying them through the big bay window in the kitchen. But last night, I needed to see more than just that. I ran to get my shoes on and you insisted that I hold you as I ran outside, so I did. There we were. You were on my hip admiring the sunset with as much passion as I was. We talked about the colors and where the sun goes for the night;  it was such a magical part of my day. It was at this moment that I realized, sunsets.

My sweet little loves, no matter where you are or where I am, you will feel my love when you see the sunsets. I will always be there.