To Every End is a New Beginning: 2/52

Nursing you babies has been one of my biggest accomplishments and most unexpected joys. I remember when I was pregnant with you, Hannah, I was terrified of nursing. Everything else, I was excited about. Little did I know that breastfeeding came more naturally to all three of us than I ever could have imagined. Hannah, I remember when I was about four months pregnant with your brother; you were about 14 months old. Our time to end nursing had come. My body was preparing for a new baby to enter the world and you were becoming a little girl; no longer my new little baby. Ending our journey together was so hard for me, but I knew we could replace this bond with something new. Now that you're almost three, we have endless moments of bonding throughout the day and I'm forever grateful.

My dear John Paul, like your sister, our journey has reached its end at nearly 15 months old. My body seems to know that you've grown into a little boy. Having had these 15 months of breastfeeding you has been nothing less than amazing. I'm so proud of you; of us. I know that we, too, will bond over new things as you continue to grow.

And here I am. For the first time in 3 1/2 years I'm neither pregnant or nursing. I have a new body. One that is mine again. This is kinda weird!

Thank you babies for being my babies. <3