Project 365 Catch Up!

New year, new 365. For most! Me? I'm still in the middle of my second one. Welcome to all hopeful 365ers who are visiting my page! This is my 2nd 365... but it's different than my first. My first 365, I was diligent about taking a new image each and every single day with the goal to grow in my photography skills (which I did, tremendously!). BUT what I had missed after it was over, was that I no longer was documenting my life, I was only picking up my camera to work. So, on May 1st of 2014, I decided to pick up my camera outside of sessions and document our journey of life again. However, I am SO much easier on myself. I post once in a great while, but I absolutely take pictures daily. I'm achieving my goal of documenting our every day. For me, this is sooo much easier.

So, if you plan to do a 365, my biggest piece of advice is to go easy on yourself and don't worry about being perfect. Some other wonderful pieces of advice are on Click it up a Notch's blog. In fact, I have been quoted in one of the blog posts about a 365! And a really great way to stay motivated is to link up. Share your blog with other 365ers and encourage one another along the way. I've met some wonderful photog friends via our 365!

With that, here's my catch up. I haven't posted since Halloween! Enjoy.... and a VERY Happy New Year to you all!!

November 1, 2014 (186/365) - December 26, 2014 (240/365)