Project 365 Catch Up!

So, it looks like the last time I blogged my 365, I was up to 110/365. Just a TAD behind for ya! Though, I am always sure to take pictures (almost) every single day, I edit, and will more often keep my personal Facebook album updated. This 365 is definitely different than my first. I literally took a picture every day, edited, uploaded, and blogged... I KNEW when I started this second round, it'd be different. Some pictures may not be from that exact day, it may take me a few days to actually upload and edit and it may take weeks to actually blog. But the reason I chose to start this 365 was for me. I wanted to document my little baby turning into a little girl. I wanted to document my growing belly become our baby boy. I want to continue to capture our every day. The days are long but the years are short. <3 Also, I'm SO excited to share that I was mentioned in an article on Click it Up a Notch. It was about just this, how to complete a 365. If you're reading this, photographer or not, consider doing one. There are days that it's not easy, and there are days you want to give up, but in the end, it's SO worth it. Check out the article here!

Here's a catch up on my 365. Captions and all. Enjoy!