Peace in my Chaos: 2/365

It's the last day of winter break and I don't have much on the agenda but to enjoy the last day as a family. Being lazy, getting the Christmas decorations away and watching Home Alone: Lost in New York for the billionth time this season. Meanwhile a three ring circus starts in my head. An elephant balancing on a stool while eating peanuts. People jumping through fiery hoops. Loud music and noise filling the arena. This is what happens when I start thinking of my to do list. The never ending to do list. Clients I have to e-mail. Paperwork I need to sort though. Sessions I still haven't blogged. Oh and I really want to get my office moved to a bedroom so I can actually function in some type of organized space. But before I do that I need to organize the basement. When should I organize the basement? Maybe we'll have time next weekend. But... that depends. And so on and so on. It's the crazy snowball effect. And what someone sees from the outside is me working, very focused. Pulling files, taking them downstairs, reorganizing files. Sitting at my desk answering e-mails and sending out questionnaires. Adding things to my planner and my calendar.

I finally reached a point where I could stop. Kind of. As I walked up the stairs I continued my to do list in my head. To go through my class work during nap time, but first I should take a quick shower while I can. Maybe I could just do the work tonight? No wait, The Bachelor is on tonight. I'll be worthless. (yes, I'm a Bachelor junkie. I know you are, too. Don't lie). But, once I reached the top of the stairs I heard my son's little voice. You see, he just turned two and looks like a big boy all of a sudden, but he still has this adorable little voice. He says, "Daddy, will you please play with me?". And I look to see them quietly playing with his little car garage.

This is something I think I would have looked at and thought "aw" and continued on my way with my crazy circus. But instead. I stopped. I stopped and watched them. Fell in love with my husband a little more and savored my little boy being just that. A little boy. -- a little boy who is madly in love with Elsa so I happily let her lay in the frame. I snapped a couple pictures and instantly, my mind stopped. It just stopped. I found some peace in my chaos.  <3


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