54/365: Fifteen Months

June 23rd Watching her grow is so bittersweet. Our baby is gone, but she is growing like a weed. Learning and doing more everyday. I never thought watching someone figure out how to put a lid on something or stack things would be so amazing, but it is!

At 15 months, I:

  • give lots of kisses.
  • help with chores like feeding the animals, emptying the dishwasher and "folding" the laundry.
  • sleep great!
  • have a phenomenal sense of humor.
  • have 7 teeth.
  • am saying lots of words... or at least making sounds that mimic the words :)
  • love fruit, especially blueberries and "na-nas"
  • still love the book, "Best Dad in the World".
  • love being outside and blowing bubbles
  • am a speedy walker and I'm starting to run!
  • am a social butterfly and love talking to people and animals.
  • found out I'm having a little brother!