38/365: Why Hello, OBX!

June 7th Starting at 8 or 9 years old, my family and I would pack up each summer for nearly 10 years (minus 1 or 2 summers in that span) and headed off to Duck, NC for a week. We made amazing memories there, starting as young children and ending our last family vacation there as rebellious teenagers. Obviously, with four children beginning college, graduating college, moving away, starting careers and families, we haven't made it back.

This past Christmas, my oldest brother gave us a priceless gift by letting us know he rented a house in the Outer Banks for all of us. How awesome... what a guy!

We all arrived at different times. Dustin and I chose to leave at bedtime to avoid traffic and allow Hannah to sleep through the ride. We arrived at about 2am safe and sound. Boy did I miss this island!

(PS I usually do my photo shoots in lower f-stops, so when I bumped it up for pictures over vacay, I was horrified to see how dirty my camera is! Guess who's making a stop to get it cleaned this week?! Geesh!)