37/365: Cherishing Our Fur Babies

June 6th This past week, we've known 3 people who lost their pets. It's heart breaking. Every time I hear of it, it brings me back to when I had to unexpectedly put down my childhood cat. I've lost other pets, I've lost family, I've lost friends, and losing this cat was just as hard, if not harder. It just validates how important these relationships are to us.

Anyone who knows me or follows me knows how important our little fur babies are to us. Riley and Grayson are our kids, too. We got Riley from a breeder in Morrisville. We went to simply go see a puppy left over from a litter with no intentions of buying a dog. We went back the next week and picked him up. Since then, we've kept in touch with his breeder mom on Facebook and have had the pleasure of getting regular updates on his dad, her boy Bogie. He turned 13 recently which is quite exciting for an Irish Setter and gives us great hopes that Riley will live to be just as old. Sadly, Bogie passed away this week. Though we've only met Bogie twice, this was very sad for us. Bogie gave us a companion we never expected. Riley has given us love and laughs that have filled our hearts. We'll always be grateful to Bogie and his family for this gift.

In honor of Bogie, I decided to take a few shots of Riley tonight (not like I don't already have 285053 pictures of him!). I got a lot of cute little portraits, but as I was uploading, one in particular made me choke up.

You see, Riley isn't one to go sit in the yard for me and allow me to walk away to find a spot to take the shot. If he could talk you'd hear "Mommy, no! Wait, come back!" as he's running after me. So, I had Dustin come out with me to help convince him to sit for a minute! As Dustin was telling him where to sit. Riley jumped up to give him a hug. It's his ritual every evening (usually when Dustin walks in the door). Riley and Dustin have this unbreakable bond. They are the epitome of man and dog. As Riley gave his daddy love, I snapped a shot to simply get my settings and caught this. Tears welled up in my eyes as soon as I saw it on my screen.

Thank you Bogie and Lola for our sweet, sweet boy.