Those at Peace Live in the Present: 13/365

I read an interesting quote today. "Those who have depression live in the past. Those who have anxiety live in the future. Those who live in peace live in the present." 

I stared at this and read it at least three more times. How over simplified. I don't know about depression as I've never been depressed. But, really, think about it. Those who have depression are often sad about the past. A break up, a loss, a change that happened, etc. I can't over generalize and can't say this for sure, but this is so interesting to me. And having anxiety, I can say very well that my anxiety comes from my anticipation of what could happen in the future. So, I chose to really hold this intention today, of living in the present. You may notice a theme that I try and have this intention most, if not all, days.

Look at this image. Is this not peace? I completely lived in this moment. This gorgeous light and this amazing almost 4 year old having such pride and joy over her puzzle skills. Living in this moment, being present, it was pure peace. What a simple lesson to learn.