Oily Monday: My Journey + Joy

My Journey I've been a growing lover of Young Living Oils since I started using them in Fall of 2014. I started slowly but surely, taking my time, researching and slowly purchasing more and more as my love and knowledge grew.

It's a company I fully believe in. From how they make their oils (truly seed to seal) and how the company functions. It is true and built on love and light. It completely jives with who I am as a person.

Throughout these past few years, we have been feeling so well and continue to feel well. Better than I could imagine being a busy family with young children!

I remember when I first got my starter's kit, I was so overwhelmed. How to use them, what does what, where to put them, etc. So, to help spread the love and info, I'll be sharing my favorite oils and how I use them, weekly. First up is Joy. I'm big into emotional health and have shared a lot of my journey, so what better oil to start with than Joy?

What's it used for?

This is an oil that simply smells amazing. It's truly one of the most beautifully fragrant oils of Young Living, in my opinion (aside from a blend I make myself which I'll share another day!). It's a blend that is great for emotional health, being uplifting. It brings "love and joy of the heart." It's also used as a perfume because of it's blissful fragrance.

How do I use it?

I use the oil daily. I put one drop on my heart every single day. I put it on neat, but recommend using a carrier oil with it the first few times in case your skin is sensitive. I often also start my day by putting it in my diffuser with lemon to help wake me up and and lift my spirits for a good start to the morning. (I put about 3 drops of Joy and 2 drops of lemon in my diffuser for a big space and I'm a seasoned oil user. I'd recommend 1 drop of each to start and work your way up if you're new to oils).

Why I love it 

I've only recently started using it daily on my heart and in my diffuser. I've always loved it, but have never added it to my daily routine. Since using it over the past couple months, I have noticed my spirits have been much happier and lighter, overall. It's also awesome when people compliment you on your perfume and you can say, "Thanks, I'm actually not wearing any." :P

If you have questions or want to get started with a Young Living starter kit, contact me here.


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