Happy Third Birthday, Baby Girl

Within the blink of an eye you're three. Three years ago, we waited for you. We spent countless nights imagining what you'd look like and who you'd be. Now, here we are. We can't imagine or remember this life without you. The world is a better place with you in it. You bring joy, peace and happiness where ever you go. You greet all new situations with caution in your timid way. Like a butterfly, you spread your wings when you're ready and accept every challenge in which you're faced. You're kind hearted and assertive. You're bossy and nurturing. You have a tremendous sense of humor with the softest heart. You're inquisitive, ambitious, tenacious and persistent. You truly seem to find the good in every person.

The little girl we dreamed of before we met you? She doesn't hold a candle to you. You've changed our lives. You've made us better people. You challenge me every day to see the world a little brighter. You've taught me patience, you've taught me how to slow down, and you've taught me how to be a mom.

For your birthday pictures, I spent so much time looking at cute little outfits for you. Nothing quite suited you. I then thought of the perfect locations to take your pictures and nothing grabbed me as a place that was "you." I then realized, allowing you to dress yourself and take you to a playground was 110% going to capture who you really are at three. And that it did.

Our sweet little lady bug, you will move mountains. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. We will love you forever and ever.

Happy, Happy 3, Big Girl!

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