Happy Mother's Day to ALL Mamas!

Being a mom is quite a job. It's tiring, it's fleeting, it's rewarding, it's endless and it's paid in a love that can't be articulated by any written or spoken word. Ever. I've heard this and expected it, but was never really prepared for this when I became a mom. Becoming a mother is a tremendous and wonderful part of life. Though I expected to experience a love like no other, I wasn't prepared for the group of women I would meet. The support, the love, the fact that some women I'd likely never be friends with, I am... because we're moms. We have the most amazing thing in common.

In this past year of motherhood, I've had a lot of time to think. I've been the stay at home mom (aka SAHM), I've been the working mom (for two weeks), and I've been the work from home mom (and still am). I've experienced the different parts of a working mom from all angles.

In these experiences, some short lived, it's still has caused me to think, as I always do. We, meaning moms, all say that there's no competition. No matter if we're SAHM or working moms, we're all the same. In some regards, I actually disagree. I don't think there are two moms that have the same day with the same exact challenges. Some are similar, and we can certainly compare notes, but we all live this job and choose to fulfill this job differently. There's the working mom who prepares 10 bags each night - her work bag, her laptop, the diaper bag, pump bag, lunch bag, etc. She gets up at 4:30 so she has enough time to get herself together and her baby together. She drops the baby off at work, works... hard, then goes home and continues to work as a mom. There's the stay at home mom who cares for her child and the house throughout the day. The temper tantrums, being teacher, caretaker, cook, maid. She doesn't have time to use the bathroom or finish a meal. She forgets what it's like to have a hot cup of coffee.  Then the work from home mom. The mom who fulfills SAHM duties while trying to sneak in 40 hours of work. That's all I'll say.

No matter which mom you are, kudos. It's hard. There are days where it feels like you failed... actually a lot of days. You have mommy guilt, you're exhausted, you miss your husband and long for just a few hours without your baby(ies)... then you stop because you start to feel guilty again.

Through all of this, in this past year, I've captured so many of you mama's through my lens. I've been so blessed. For this Mother's Day, I've toyed with lots of ideas for a blog post. I wanted to feature these different types of moms and document their days. But as I thought more about it, I decided that wasn't exactly what I wanted to do. I didn't want to see the differences. Then, I thought more... I started looking through all the images I've captured over the past year. Do you know what I see? NO differences.

Working mom, stay at home mom or work from home mom. Guess what? We all look the same. You know why? Because we love our babies. No matter how you choose to feed them, discipline them, educate them or love them, we're all the same and our babies are so blessed.

God bless all of you gorgeous women. My friends, my family, my clients... I've been so honored to capture these beautiful moments and become a part of this amazing journey called motherhood. You're doing a phenomenal job. You're doing enough. You're succeeding every day.

The camera always sees the truth. It looks into your soul. All I see is love. Can you tell which mom is a dentist? Which one is stay at home? Which one works part time? No, because we're all the same.

Much love to all of you. xo

And, a very Happy Mother's Day to my mom, grandmother and Mother in Law. Thank you for being amazing mothers. We love you!

Hannah, my baby girl, thank you for choosing me to be your Mama. I love you more than all the stars in sky.

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