First Day of School: 11/365

Our little setter puppy is 8 months old tomorrow. To celebrate, he and I have a weekly date night at puppy school. As the trainer went over the ins and outs of class, Ronan got a little bored and adorable. I couldn't help but whip out my camera and take this shot. I call him my velcro dog. I swear he'd let me baby wear him if I could. It's certainly a little invasive at times, but he's impossible to resist with his puppy eyes. This morning was a tough morning waking up feeling anxiety brewing. There are so many illnesses going around right now that it takes everything in me to be able to get the kids together and out for the day. (In fact, I've had to delete Facebook from my phone to avoid scrolling through my feed during the day. Every other post is someone sharing something about the stomach bug and I simply can't handle it). Today, we had swimming. I chose to take time to myself this morning; remind myself that I cannot control things like illnesses and it's not fair to allow this fear to disrupt my presence with my children. I chose at that moment that today, I'd be fully present with my children. I could not allow the fear of the flu or stomach bug to ruin our day. If it showed up midday, so be it, the illness can ruin that part of the day. But the thought of it, the anticipation off it, I chose to surrender and let go. Having this intention for the day set up a day of true joy. Watching my children during their swimming lessons, smiling, floating, swimming... gaining a beautiful skill in life. It brings me so much happiness each week. Watching their excitement and wide eyes as we visited the pet store and their happy singing as we drove around town. It was my choice of how my day would go. Not my anxiety.

Ending the day with this sweet little puppy and watching him have a successful first class brought so even more joy to the end of my day.

Each day is another battle full of so many more choices. I'm thankful I had the strength to win this day and savor every bit of it with true peace in my soul and control of my mind.