Dance Like No One's Watching: 14/365

Today was my first session of the year. We fully anticipated the snow and were excited for it, but I think the reality of it didn't quite line up with the fantasy. It was really cold, wet, and slippery which kept us from getting to locations we wanted to use for our session. Nothing will stop me though; I will make the most and best of our session together. We took some fun shots at a brick wall near by and then I felt drawn to this alley way. It isn't special, but was just calling my name. I stood there picturing them dancing, spinning maybe. Then thought, "nah." My friend Alyssa (who joined me for the session and will also be second shooting this couple's wedding!), commented, "What if you played their wedding song and had them dance." Brilliant. I knew that if another person saw a couple dancing in the alley way, it had to happen.

This sweet couple hadn't picked their wedding song yet, so I lent them mine. I turned it on and stuck my phone in the groom's pocket and said, "dance." They both looked at me like I was nuts... but I'll tell you what, the second they were dancing, it was like no one was watching. It was the sweetest, quietest moment of our session together. It brought me so much joy and peace to see this couple have this moment.

This is why I do what I do. My clients and my camera bring me so much calm. Making images and capturing moments brings so much magic into my world.