Being in the Moment: 12/365

Another morning with my daughter in school; only two mornings a week. She goes on a normal school schedule, so she's been there since September. Can I tell you that since she started, I have never savored this time with my son? I have taken him to my in laws so I can get home and get work done. I've dropped him off somewhere so I can squeeze in photo shoots. I've plopped him in the playroom so I can edit sessions, do laundry, empty the dishwasher and get as much done as humanly possible in the 2.5 hours she's in school. This week, I've whole heartedly spent this extra time with my son and we are both so much happier. The funniest part of it is, I've still gotten plenty done. But instead of doing the next 3 tasks in my head while I'm working on the task at hand, I only focused on the moment right in front of me.

Daily, I pull cards for myself. They have given me beautiful messages that help me set my intentions for the day; they're like a daily devotion or affirmation. I'll share more below if you're interested. During this time, I usually take the 10 minutes or so that I need to do this and then keep going. Today, though, my boy wanted to join me. He snuggled in my lap so sweetly. Instead of telling him to get up so we could go do laundry, we just hung out together for another 30 minutes. There was some crying, some giggling and tickling, some fighting with his fur brother for my lap and then more smiles. We both moved onto the next thing so much happier. There was no rush, just the two of us connecting.

I know that I've missed a lot of time with my kids this past year, but having this uninterrupted time with them is eye opening. It's necessary for my survival to be connected with my children. I've seen such a tremendous difference in our energies and how our day functions with me being much less stressed, rushed and intentional with my time. I need to always be sure to be in the moment with them; after all, it's necessary for their survival, too. Isn't it?

PS As I was writing this, I heard this quote and it's so incredibly fitting for where I am in my life. It's all about surrender and trusting that the Universe/God/Spirit will always have your back. Just trust. You will be okay.

"If you fall off the edge of the earth, just keep falling. Eventually the Universe will embrace you and lift you back up again."


Let's talk Oracle cards! So, this is me in a nutshell when it comes to this stuff. As a child, I was always obsessed with dream dictionaries and meaning, astrology, crystals and stones and everything of the sort. Into my adult life, I was and still am a research nerd. Show me science. Show me that it's real. But even with this, I am a firm believer in an energy out there that we can't see and is bigger than we are. (and science actually proves a whole lot of this, but I think it's still regarded as being quite hokey.) I believe in God, I believe in the Universe and I believe in Angels. These cards, for me, are that. It's like having a cardinal fly in front of your car, or seeing a double rainbow. It's a little sign; a message from that bigger energy out there. These cards do not tell me the future, they don't tell me what to do, they are not a crystal ball. They're almost like a really good friend that always knows the right thing to say. They remind me to take a deep breath (literally), to slow down, or to use the day to put focus and energy into my work, or to trust my gut today. They give me 10 minutes every day to connect with myself, focus, center, ground and have a beautiful intention for the day. If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.

My two favorite decks right now are here and here.