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Well before becoming a professional photographer, I've always taken boatloads of pictures that I'd want to share with my family. To share these pictures, I'd upload them to a popular photography site and send the link to my family and friends. I'd always run into the problem of them not understanding how to log in, losing their passwords, not wanting to sign up for an account, etc. Even to this day, it's never easy sharing personal pictures with friends and family. Yes, there's Facebook, but let's face it. Not everyone is ON Facebook (shocker, I know) and sometimes we don't want to upload our entire lives to public places. Sarah found me through my 365. She simply wanted to ask if I had advice for those starting one (and of course I did!). I then learned that she and her husband launched this new, awesome site called The Albums. It's this fantastic, easy, clutter free, private place to upload and share your images with friends and family. They are all about sharing your story... so up my alley!

To launch their new site, they are doing a really cool Instagram party. This is how it works:

"Each day we'll post a prompt on Instagram - you + any readers/followers would post a photo using the hashtag #instaprompt as well as another unique hashtag that you would make up just for you guys (you could also gather some other bloggers and all do it together if you want and all use the same hashtag).  Your readers (or anyone using the same hashtag as you) would be earning free months and/or years at The Albums based on how many photos you, as a community, post during our 30 day kickoff.

At the end of the 30 day kickoff, we'll email you a coupon to give to your readers for the number of free months or years you guys earned.  Although the kickoff is just 30 days, we plan to keep instaprompts going after that."

Okay, blah, blah, blah that's a ton of reading to do. If you don't want to read it all, just follow these steps.

  • Follow @thealbumsco on Instagram
  • Oh, follow me too! @photagerinj
  • Each day, follow @thealbumco #instaprompt
  • With the daily picture you post, be sure to use the hashtags #instaprompt and #ejppeeps
  • Invite anyone and everyone
  • Earn points to get free months or years to The Album
  • If you're a blogger, e-mail me to learn some more perks and a Life Membership!

Why should you do this? The biggest and most important reason is to support another small business. Plus, what's more awesome than having a daily prompt to document your life story? So easy!

Can't wait to see all of your awesome pics! Don't forget your hashtags!!


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