Maternity Photography Session: Allentown, PA

When Xiomara contacted me asking for a maternity photography session AND newborn, 6 month and one year sessions, I swooned! I just love photographing this family. They're so fun, funny, in love, genuine, down to earth... I could go on and on. Xiomara and Neo are expecting number 4 in a few short weeks. Yes, 4! Xiomara and Neo adopted their nephew, bumping them up to three (Neo's daughter wasn't able to join us for today's session, but we hope she'll be able to join us for the rest. If you need a reminder of how absolutely gorgeous she is, check out the session I did with them this past summer!), and their fourth little one will be arriving in a few short weeks nearly missing Fernando's 2nd birthday! Xiomara and Neo live near NYC now, but travel to this area often for family visits. Xiomara picked this past Saturday knowing they'd all be in town for their baby shower. This winter has been rough. Snow after snow (even though it's been nothing super significant) and constant below zero temps. Yikes! I wasn't surprised when I saw there was snow in the forecast for Saturday. In fact, I was very excited! It was to arrive right near the end of our session, hopefully giving us some sweet snowflakes. Well, the snow arrived hours early; forecasted to be falling an inch an hour during the time I'd be driving to the session, during the session and driving home. Oh man! I'm not gonna lie, I was sweating it. I'm a mom before photographer, and putting myself in dangerous situations isn't something I'm as quick to do. Fortunately, my father in law had been out and said main roads were okay, so I went for it. And I'm SO glad I did. Xiomara and Neo aren't fans of the cold, but they were such amazing sports. One of the most special things about this session is that Xiomara is wearing her mom's coat (it's older than Xiomara!) and her mom's pearls. What an amazing way to keep her mother a part of the new life growing inside of her! <3

I adore this session and simply can't wait for the rest of our sessions together. Every image I capture is genuine. They're just an amazing family. Thank you la familia Rosado Rivas! See you in March!!   .... did you know EJP has been booking LOTS of Bump to One and Newbie to One packages? What an awesome way to document an amazing year of your family growing! If you want to take advantage of this awesome package, be sure to contact me!