Lehigh Valley Maternity Photographer: Lehigh Parkway

This mama to be contacted me about two weeks ago asking for a maternity session with a catch... it had to be April 1st or 2nd. Sadly, my days were filled with sessions with no room to squeeze her in. I felt horrible, but offered to keep her on the back burner if something fell through with another session, which I didn't anticipate happening. Low and behold, my Saturday evening session had to cancel due to a work conflict, as if the stars aligned. I was delighted to meet this mama and dad to be. They are such a cute pair and dad kept me chuckling the entire session. My very favorite part of this session, by far, was catching mama's little reaction every time she felt baby move. Priceless.

Congratulations to this gorgeous couple and their baby who will be here so soon! I hope she has daddy's dimples.

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