Lehigh County Maternity Photography: Lock Ridge Park

Baby H will be arriving in July! I was so excited to hear that Kara and Ted were expecting baby number 2... I was so honored to be able to capture sweet Brady when he was just a bump. In fact, he helped build my maternity portfolio! Fast forward, here I am still photographing this amazing family, and what's better, I will get to capture baby H's debut, 6 month and 1 year pictures. I'm beyond ecstatic! We changed our original session date due to a heavy rain. We both got caught in traffic, we ended the session with wet feet and we both had cranky toddlers (mine came and was watched by my mother out of sight, but the cranks could be heard throughout the park. My little lady was a bit dramatic). So, despite all of this, we got beautiful photographs. Kara is glowing and is simply one of the most beautiful pregnant women I've had the pleasure of photographing. And her boys are just precious.

I can't wait for this next  year with the 4 of you!

If you're expecting and would like to document have a Lehigh County maternity session and document your baby's first year, be sure to contact me here or at erin@ejoycephotography.com