Bucks County Maternity Photographer: Shan & Matt {+1}!

Shan and Matt. Oh, Shan and Matt! I'm so, so excited to be on this journey with you both as a best friend and a photographer. I'm so thankful that I can capture this next year in your lives. It's going to be amazing. Shan and Matt were married on New Year's Eve last year and are now expecting their first squish in late January/early February. Shan and I had always wanted to be pregnant together... the cards didn't play the way we had hoped. (I suppose there's still a possibility, but I think it's safe to say we are both a-okay not being pregnant again for some time). Regardless of the timing of our pregnancies, we are still getting to be mommies together which is just fabulous.

For their session, we planned on Peace Valley Park. The forecast for days leading, including the day of, called for abundant sun. My favorite thing in winter! I imagined these gorgeous low sun shots. Then midday rolled around and the clouds rolled in. Thick, dark, low, heavy, gloomy December clouds. Ugh. As always, though, I was reminded that the sun isn't the magic of the session, it's the people, the connection.

I love doing sessions for friends and family because there's no ice to break. We're comfortable around each other and can totally be ourselves. I guess for our pride and dignity, I should leave it at that. I'll just say we had a fun time during the session and got some good laughs. There was a point I had to stop taking pictures because I was shaking so bad from laughing. Hearing Shan's thick belly laugh as a pregnant mama is my favorite laugh yet, and I've heard her laugh for 20 years now.

Shan and Matt, I can't even express how excited I am to see you become parents. Your hearts are going to burst. I love that we can go on this journey together and add yet another chapter to our life long friendship. I love you both dearly.

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