Bucks County Maternity Photographer: Pam & Pat {+1}!

Let me tell you about Pam and Pat. They're the best. Well, that'd be a short blog post, but really, you can totally sum it up in that one sentence. It's funny how life works out. I met Pam years ago. We have a bestie in common (Shan!). So, I've known her for enough years now that I'm sure we'd both prefer not to count. Anyhow, all of those years ago, if you had told us that I'd be photographing her baby bump, newbie pics and wedding.... I'm pretty sure we'd both laugh in your face. BUT, that's what's happening and I'm so darn excited.

Pam is amazing. She's absolutely gorgeous, funny, easy going. She's nearly perfect, and Pat stole her heart then put a ring on it. Pam took one of my classes and let me know she was expecting. (YAY!) Then, asked me to be their wedding photographer (double yay!). So, I'm super honored to be able to photograph these major milestones in Pat and Pam's lives. I mean, how awesome.

Instead of a typical engagement session, we all decided on a maternity sesh. We had to reschedule because Miss Pammi is a super tiny little pregnant person (don't hate her). Finally, at about 35 weeks, she had enough of a bump for her pictures. Ha! We decided to meet at Bowman Hill's Wildflower Preserve in New Hope. Don't you know there was a wedding?! I knew that was going to happen. Fortunately, we were able to make it through the reserve without disturbing too much (depending on who you ask). It was quite an adventure driving through, escaping creatures, chasing the light.... and trying to find the damn tower. Okay, listen. I have been to Bowman's Tower (not the preserve) a few times in my life and couldn't find the damn tower! Finally, after driving around, we found an entrance only to be met by gates and a big fat "closed" sign. It certainly wasn't without trying.

Pat and Pam, thank you for going on this adventure with me! I had such a nice time and I'm totally obsessed with your session! I absolutely can't wait for the next year+ with you!!!

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