Two Year Birthday Pictures: Devian Turns 2!

Being able to capture Devian's two year birthday pictures was no less special than her 6 month or 1 year pictures. I have absolutely adored watching her grow through my lens. Since meeting Miss Dev and her Mama when Devian was only a few weeks old, I knew immediately that she'd be a strong-willed, determined, beautiful little girl. She has proved me right in every way. During her sessions, she was insistent on what she wanted (or didn't want!) to do. Whether it was playing with a carrot prop, decorative apples or eating a pretzel. Her dad and I joked that these are what make the best pictures. They capture her. 

We did the session at Devian's grandmother's house. It's amazing. It's like walking into a magazine... even the outside belongs in a magazine with her award winning gardens. I just adore every inch of that house! It's just filled with reflective light with all the white she has around. A photographer's dream :).

Devian, your smile, eyes and heart could win over anyone. I simply can't believe you are going to be two in a few short days. Keep growing into the amazingly beautiful and strong little lady you are becoming. JP and Alison, I absolutely can't say enough. You're amazing people and parents. Bravo!

If you're little one is going to be celebrating a birthday and you want to document this milestone, be sure to contact me! Don't let those fleeting moments pass by before capturing them to save forever.