Quinn: At Tinicum Park

After Alissa saw the Wentz's photo shoot, she contacted me right away, hoping to get a photo shoot in. Due to the busy time of year and our schedules, we settled on a mini session for Quinn, but hope to do a family session in the spring. I was SO excited when she asked me to take pictures for her. 1) I just love Alissa. 2) I was so excited to finally meet Quinn. Alissa came fully prepared. She came with props and such great ideas for a Christmas card and for his birthday party invitations. It's funny... as adults, we have grand plan ideas for these photo shoots... but they don't always go as planned. Quinn had a long morning and was understandably a bit drained. On top of that, as a photographer, I was fighting with a high sun. High sun is not ideal, but we found ways around it.

Though Quinn wasn't a super smiley, silly boy as he usually is, I actually love his stoic look in most of the pictures. And the images of him carrying his balloons and his tractor? I could just die. So cute!

As I always promise, I made mom get into the picture. Well, she actually asked, which I love. Most mama's shy away from the camera!

Alissa, the shoot may not have gone as planned, but I love the shots we got. They really capture "him at this age and at that moment, despite being tired and not as smiley. He is just adorable! Can't wait for spring.