Harleysville Children Photographer: Heckler Farmstead

The Benner Boys have been featured on the EJP blog since day one. They've been a part of my portfolio building and beyond. I just love taking pictures of them. You'd think it'd be tough trying to photograph four boys, but honestly, they are pretty easy. Watching them interact with each other and they're mama is nothing short of entertaining. There are arguments over the order that individual photographs will be taken, who gets to sit next to mom, and the list goes on. I think Kathleen and I have it pretty well figured out by now (and smarties and dum-dums help too). :) For this session, Kathleen chose the Heckler Farmstead. I was excited when I pulled up to see a little farmhouse, gorgeous stone barn and fences. It was perfect! Through conversation with Kathleen, I also put together that I had come here on a field trip when I was in early grade school. It's one of those field trips I remember well. How cool!

Thanks for having me capture your boys, yet again, Kathleen! You're a super mom!