Clara & Connor: A Mini at Home

I was so happy when Molly contacted me for another photo shoot! I just love this family. She asked for a mini session to take a few birthday pictures of her daughter Clara and to take a couple pictures of both kiddos for Christmas. I was delighted! Figuring out the location was tough, and weather had us reschedule, but we made it happen. Ultimately, we decided taking the pictures at their home was the best choice, and I'm glad they decided on this. Clara turned 8 on December 6th. What a great age! Clara showed me to her room where we did her pictures, and I couldn't help but think 'This is the perfect place for birthday pictures!'. Clara's bedroom is inevitably going to go through changes over the years. Toys will rotate out, different posters will be put on the walls and the walls may even change color a couple times. How great to document this time in her life!

When I do photo shoots, as some of you know, I don't usually "pose" people, per se. So, I asked Clara, "Are there any poses you want to start with?" She said no, followed by, "I have one!" I was waiting for a sassy little pose from her, until I saw her climb under the covers. Hey... whatever works! Figured I had to share this one because it's so cute!

After breaking the ice with Clara's "sleeping pose," we got some great shots. What a wonderful 8 year old!! Happy Birthday, Clara!

Clara then quickly changed into her Santa pj's for some pictures by the tree with her brother Connor. Though I love all of the pictures, this one is my favorite. It's a moment between them that I feel like really captures who they are.

You see, Connor isn't any ordinary little brother. He's actually extraordinary. Connor lives with Joubert Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. It's something that he and is family live with daily. When I watch Clara with her brother, I truly don't think that she sees a younger brother with special needs. He's just any old younger brother who she loves with all of her heart. It's a tremendous thing to watch. Their parents, Molly and Brent, are pretty amazing too... Molly documents their journey. Check it out, it's worth a read, and it's worth following.

Anyhow, look at how fantastic these two kids are!

And, of course, we wanted to grab a shot with the family pup, Dharma. Can you believe we got one with all three looking?! Money shot!

Thank you, Dean Family, for welcoming me into your home to capture more memories! Merry Christmas!!