Bethlehem Children's Photographer: Winter & Pepper

These girls and their mama have completely stolen my heart. I met them over 3 years ago as I started this photography journey and grow to love them more and more. Their mom has a spirit that is so pure and humble and gentle. She's a person I wish I could be around more often. And now, watching her gorgeous girls grow up, they are just like their mom. They adorn me with their hugs, kisses and hand holding; it's so humbling and refreshing. What I love most about my photo shoots with these girls is that we talk and allow the girls to do whatever they'd like. I have full freedom to just capture them being them. Which they deserve, really. Because if they were posed and had to sit pretty, you would never see the essence of who they truly are. They're charismatic, and funny, and energetic and just beautiful.

I had such a fabulous evening running around with them at SteelStacks in Bethlehem as the two prepared for the annual Musikfest. Thank you S family for always making me feel happy with each of your visits!!


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