2nd Birthday Pictures: At Home

Taking Milo's 2nd birthday pictures was surreal; I feel like I was just at their house, meeting Milo for the first time to take his 1st birthday pictures! Where does the time go? Seeing Priya and Marcello is always a pleasure. They're such a joy to talk with and spend time with as I'm capturing their adorable little guy. This time around, Priya and Marcello had their families come over for some extra pictures, which I loved! Seriously, an awesome family. Soooo much love for Mr. Milo!

Milo has truly become such an amazing little boy. His personality is sweeter than pie, and quite the flirt! It was a blast following him around the house and capturing him being his 2 year old self. At the end of our shoot, Priya and Marcello were kind enough to amuse me by letting me take some bedroom pictures. They are absolutely my favorite part of their session. I'm so glad they humored me! My favorite is Milo doing the itsy bitsy spider. Swoon!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Milo! Thank you so much, Priya and Marcello, for having me capture your gorgeous family for this past year. I can't wait to see you all again!


If you or anyone you know is going to have a little one having a birthday soon, be sure you contact me so I can document them in all their birthday glory!