The Zaleski Family: A Mini at Trexler Park

This family holds a special place in my heart. I watched these boys weekly a few years back. I think Michael and Joseph were in Kindergarten at that time... now they're in third grade and little William is in K. Where has the time gone?? This family is wonderful. Their chemistry is one you can only dream of. The love works from the top down, and the kids are the perfect example of being an outstanding product of their environment. I just adore them! (... and when Helen and I get together, I swear we could talk for days and days).

Their photo shoot was one that I love. Helen came to me and said "I don't really want to do any posing, I just want you to capture us." Umm... got it! So, everything you see is all them. Helen kind of lead the group to different spots, but there was no posing... I didn't ask for them to look at the camera (okay, maybe once). This type of photography is my favorite. It totally captures the candidness and love that this family shares.