The Vivona Family: Lock Ridge Park, Alburtis, PA

Reema and I had scheduled to meet at the Lehigh Parkway on Sunday evening for her family session. However, the weather forecast wasn't looking so good for our scheduled time. She gave me an early call to see if we should change our shoot time. Fortunately, it worked out to meet at Lock Ridge Park later that morning. I'm so glad we decided to do this! The timing was perfect, and it turned out that the weather was not so great during our scheduled time later that evening.

When Reema, Chris and their two kiddos arrived, my breath was taken away by how beautiful they all are! They were dressed to impress! Kristina wasn't a huge fan of the camera... in fact I'd say she's camera shy! So, I went with the flow and we took our time. (Ryan on the other hand is quite the ham!) By the end of the shoot, Kristina was posing and looking right into the camera! I loved watching her personality come out throughout the shoot and watching the whole family interact. They were just so sweet together.

Check them out!


Aren't they beautiful?!

As you can see, Ryan loves the camera. In fact, my first images were of him... he was ready for his photo shoot!


Isn't he just adorable?

Looking through Kristina's pictures, you can see the progression of her becoming more comfortable with the camera. I just love it!


And to finish it off, what photo shoot is complete without some of the kids together and a few with their parents?


It was wonderful meeting you, Vivona family!!